The MIAW Clique (Mothers Ice-cream and Wine) is a group of married women, who join up on Skype every week to share their life experiences, drink wine to commiserate and celebrate or eat ice cream to comfort the tears. Every week there is a different story and dilemma, where the women get together and talk about controversy, politics, sex and poking fun, at their family dysfunctions!

Julie: Welcome to Mother’s ice cream and wine blog, where each week the four of us mothers, get together and talk about men, kids, politics and all other manner of controversial topics. It’s not for the faint hearted, us women are real mothers tackling real life drama’s. We’ve all got children diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers and we talk openly and frankly about the complex issues that happen with children on the spectrum. We are honest and we know raising children who have mental health deficiencies can be extremely challenging at times. Which is why we have a handy bottle of rosé on standby and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. If you want to come and have a laugh, listen up. You never know you might learn something about yourself or your kids!

Who are we. Well first there’s Sara, she’s married to Michael, drama lecturer, they have twin boys, and oh my are these two like chalk and cheese, she’s got one lad who’s a proper little devil, with all the antics that drive any mother crazy, and he’s got a twin brother, who gets his Zen on, I guess its to help him cope with his polar opposite brother.

Then there’s Chrystal, she’s the expectant mum of the bunch, a teacher and we rib her so. She’s married to Jordan, an IT consultant! She’s the youngest too, so she’s learning the fast way through the three of us and our mishaps and mistakes!

Billy, she’s a single mum, with two boys and a girl? She often pipes up to share some pretty raw and explicit moments she once had with her delightful ex husband! We love a good clawing session and Billy’s ex husband is the ideal twat we like to condemn. Twat – ah that’s what we refer to as the ‘Tossers, Wankers and Tramps’! There’s loads of these toxic twats in society, so I’m sure you can all relate, after all, we all know one or the other!

Then there’s me, I’m married to Matt, a plumber, A mum to three delightful brats, two girls and my lad! You can recognise us all by our mugshot over there on rogues gallery!

So come and join us, as we talk, and bitch and moan and relish in the trials of being a mother in the 21st century. We’re real women, ain’t no fake tits or false lips on this blog I tell you. We keep it real, cos thats who we are! Hope you don’t mind the cursing, only we can’t help it when the wines flowing and the music’s going! If your lucky, we might give you a karaoke sing song, as its our girl thing!