Billy: I had this dream, it was really strange Julie, I don’t know how to share it. But it really unnerved me.

Julie: Go on. I’m listening honey.

Billy; It was Sara’s son. Luke?….

Julie; OMG, was it one of those dreams again… OMG What happened.

Billy; It was awful…. Something awful is going to happen to Sara’s Boy… I don’t know how to tell Sara? I mean, what if I’m wrong?

Julie; Billy babe, my hearts doing summersaults now… Tell me the whole story and we can create a plan to warn her somehow!

Billy; Julie, I’m shaking a little…. Its wasn’t good.

Julie; OK babe… You’ve got my full attention now. Come on, your safe sharing it with me… What happened.

Billy; Well, I was sleeping, as I usually do when these dreams happen…. And I was walking in this school, down the corridor. I could hear some boys yelling. I didn’t want to go towards the noise, but somehow I went there… I couldn’t avoid it so I knew it was something I needed to see. Then as I got closer, there was this crowd of boys, about five of them.. I could draw their faces, its was that clear…I’m shaking like a leaf now….

Julie; Oh darlin, take your time…. Even I’m getting jittery too. My stomach is swirling too. I’m staying on the green tea for this one…. It’s fatal isn’t it?

Billy; Yes…. Ok, deep breath Billy deep breath….. OK. It was Luke that these boys were surrounding? There were five of them…. Two of them had him pinned down on the floor, and one of them was kicking his head like a football…… Sorry, I’m in tears here trying to speak…. Oh God it was awful….. I saw Luke in a pool of blood….. his head was twice the size….. he had bloods oozing out everywhere…..

Julie; Holy shit….. now I’m shaking…. OK deep breath deep breathe…. What did you see honey.. can you be more explicit….

Billy; They were robbing him, they were taking his phone and ipad from his bag and they stole his wallet….. It was a theft and a beating…. I ran in to stop the violence but everything that I did was useless. It was like they couldn’t see me….. I was shouting at them ‘get off him, stop hurting him’ but they couldn’t hear me…. The more angrier I got, the more the scene started to fade….. then I woke up…

red school blur factory
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Julie; OMG…. Ok, it might have been a dream about something…. It could mean something else and is completely unrelated to Sara?

Billy; Yeah I keep telling myself that too…. I mean she would have been in touch if something had happened wouldn’t she?

Julie; Yeah… She would. So it was a school, which means it a learning establishment…. The five boy could be related to five things that maybe you’ve got to face?

Billy; Or it could be a premonition about Sara’s Luke?

Julie; I think the best thing we can do is check in with Sara and ask her about her lads?… Oh hold on…. Sara’s trying to call me on my mobile… Hold on let me answer…. Two secs..

Hiya Sara….
….. Julie….Julie…. Its my boy, Luke…..He’s been taken to hospital….. the school just phoned me and told me there’s been an incident at school….OMG…. I’ve got to go to the hospital…. Can you come with me please….. I’m scared…

On my way honey… I’ll call Billy too… Get yourself to the hospital and we’ll be right behind you…

Julie hangs up receiver and calls Billy.

Hi Billy…. Holy Shit your dream was a premonition… Sara’s just had a call from the school, its Luke, shit your dream was right…. I’m on my way to meet her there…. Are you free? Can you get to the hospital?

Billy: Can you pick me up?

Julie: Yes… just grabbing my keys now…. See you in ten?

AT the Hospital

A nurse left the room where Sara was waiting with a teacher from the school as Julie and Billy entered.

Sara; he’s in theatre now…..the staff have said he has a bleed on the brain… The police want to talk to me….. I’m shaking like a leaf…. Oh my God….. I don’t feel good… Mark has gone missing too… I haven’t got much details at the minute because Mark is missing…. There were a few boys involved and Mark exploded when he was told at school….. The police are out looking for him…. It’s such a mess….

Julie: Oh my god….. I’m so sorry Sara…. How can we help.

Sara: I don’t know….. I’ve got one son in theatre fighting for his life and another one on the run for whatever reason…

Billy; Where are the police?

Julie; They’ll be here soon.
Angela; the police have been called. I think they’re still getting information from school and interviewing students at the minute…

Billy; What can you tell us?

Angela; Not much really. Just that Luke was found in the toilets by a boy at breaktime… The school went into chaos from that point. I think word got round to his brother Mark. Probably by text maybe? So when Mark was informed, he then hit out on two boys. Whether these two boys were responsible for attacking, it’s impossible for me to confirm?

Billy; what were they wearing?

Angela; Why?

Billy; Because I know what they were wearing and if the clothes match what I saw then Mark was seeking out to find the culprit for hurting his brother?

Sara; WHAT?

Billy; I had a premonition last night Sara….
The police entered the room?

Sara; Have you caught the boys… have you found my son… Billy what did you see…

Police officer: OK, first we need to speak with Luke’s mother.

Sara; That’s me. these women are my friends and they’re here to support me.

Police officer: Can you tell us what items he had on his person. A phone…. money things like that.

Sara; Yes he has a phone, he usually has his ipad with him too. Erm money… possibly, but I can’t confirm how much?

Police officer; So we can confirm at this point there was a robbery as he doesn’t have any of those items now. Can we ask what the phone number is so we can try to get a trace on the phone.

Sara: Yes it’s 07745 343 233

Police officer: And your other son Mark? What’s his mobile number, we need to make sure he is safe.

Billy; hold on there officer. Mark has autism and he has reacted because his brother was hurt. Mark isn’t the criminal here!!

Police officer: We have been interviewing some of the students in the school. so far there are no leads. all we know at this point is that there was a robbery. Luke’s phone and Ipad was stolen along with money. We do know at this point that Mark has violently attacked two young men, whether they are responsible for attacking Luke is what we need to determine.

Billy; Officer I have names?

Police officer; How would you know there names?

Billy: I saw everything, in a premonition last night!!

Billy: I was walking down the school corridor. I could hear some boys yelling. I didn’t want to go towards the noise, but somehow I went there… I couldn’t avoid it so I knew it was something I needed to see. Then as I got closer, there was this crowd of boys, about five of them.. I could draw their faces, its was that clear. I saw two boys pinning Luke down on the ground. One of them had a small tattoo on his hand which said ‘pain?’ it was written along the side of his hand. The other male who was holding him down had shaved head and wore a beige bomber jacket. There was one male kicking his head like a football and he had a gold tooth on the left. He also had a scar over his right eyebrow? Then the other two, who also kicked Luke in the ribs, one of them was wearing a denim jacket and I saw a small bird on the lapel, the other one had a black bomber jacket on. He was a red head, shaved though.

Sara stared open mouthed and the police officer was scribbling everything down.

Angela; Two of young males that she is talking about are both here in the hospital, they were both attacked by Mark. The one with a tattoo on his hand…. Where on the hand was it Billy.

Billy; Across the side, above the little finger.

Angela; His name is Jordan Baker. The beige bomber jacket, I’m not sure bit I think it is Warren Bolton?  The young man other one that is missing who has the scar above his eyebrow is James Colton.

The police officer scribbled everything down ‘I’ll just step outside to call these names into the station, excuse me ladies,’ He left and tuned into his radio to call it in.

Angela; Wow that was so accurate Billy. What did you see?

Billy; Everything.

Sara stared on, frozen in shock…..

The police officer came back into the room.

Police officer; Sara… We have located Mark and her is now is police custody.

Sara; What?

Police officer: I’m afraid there has been a murder, and we believe your son may be responsible for the death of James Colton.

Sara; No…No….. Not MY BOY!!!

The piercing wail of a mother’s broken heart pealed down the corridors of the emergency department and Sara slumped down in the chair, and sobbed uncontrollably….

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