Julie; You’re Indifferent Matt!!!

Matt; What. Oh for christs sake woman, get a grip! You’re taking it a bit too far now! I went out?

Julie; Yes, you went out., to a strip club, and turned off your phone!

Matt; You know what the lads are like, they rib me when I’m out!

Julie; They rib you…. Aw poor you. What if I had been killed in a car accident. Or worse still, what if one of the kids were hurt? Would you be saying that then… oh it was the lads fault?

Matt; I wouldn’t do that.

Julie; FFS, is there something wrong with you! How would you know, if the lads are gonna rib you?

Matt; Julie, get a grip of yourself, your taking this a bit too far now!

Julie; Don’t undermine me!

Matt; I’m not…. You’re going insane because I was out with the lads!

Julie; Insane, I’m going insane?

Matt; Yeah, you had a bad day at work that’s all. I said sorry, now lets just drop it and get back to love!

Julie; Define it then. Define Love?

Matt; Its family, and married life! Its having fun together and growing old together.

Julie; Oh right. It’s family. What about friendship, what about those people who don’t have a family. Or those who don’t have a marriage. Do they not have love then?

Matt; I dunno, maybe not. Well how can they have love without a partner!

Julie; Rrroooooaaaarrrrr…. Right, you bastard, you’re getting it both barrels now! Sit down, cos you’re gonna hear some home truths about love…. In the world today, we have hate and we have love. What is it??? Where is love?? Who can define what love is? Is it two people having sex, is that love. A blending of two bodies, merging together to enjoy the heights of the body’s internal orgasm!!! Hey is that it, it that love!! Or is it the pain that comes after a night of storm…. Where the tornado explodes into the room, between two people, who disagree! Is that love? To disagree, to stand by your opinions and your beliefs! To be obstinate about being RIGHT! is that love….or is that self-righteousness! Ego love! Where what I say is what happens, because I’m the man… I’m the one who leads… I’m the one who says it my way or the highway! Is that love? Is control and power, love?

Or is it coming home every night, eating a meal someone has spent an hour making, then to burp, walk off, fart and slop down in from of the TV, watch your sports on the telly, until it’s time for bed. While the person who made the meal continues, alone. Washing the dishes, cleaning away the dinner table. Is that love!!!!
Making you a drink every morning, your toast, preparing your lunch, while you shower, and then iron your shirt and tie, so that YOU look smart and presentable for work. Is that love???

Or is it coming home after a hard day at work, and then taking the children to their sports groups, not really having the time to even put on a slice of lipstick or touch up the mascara, oh no! There’s no time for any of that, because LOVE needs to cook a dinner, and then LOVE needs to wash the laundry. And then love needs to help the children with their homework!! And then love must bath the children, so they’re clean again, then love must dress them in their pyjamas and take them to bed. And then love must read a bedtime story. Love doesn’t stop does it hey.. And then love must wash the football kit, ready for the husband’s football match on Sunday. Because LOVE DOESN’T END THERE. oh no, LOVE has more to do…LOVE then must read the children’s school books, and comment back to the teachers. And then LOVE must complete some training, for work, because LOVE has to work too. Is that love, or obligation?

Then LOVE must clean the bathroom, wash the sheets, because LOVE doesn’t happen with bedroom sheets does it!!!! And then, love calls, and has to get in the car and drive twenty miles to attend to her husband’s sick father!!! Because LOVE has more work to do. LOVE must care for the infirm members of the family. LOVE must then go and sort out the bills, because LOVE can’t stop! If LOVE stops the whole house will stop! What will happen if love stops working hey. What happens when LOVE DIES!!!! When LOVE no longer exists….

LOVE…. You call watching sports, playing games on your console and then demanding a shag at night because THAT’S WHAT LOVING WIVES DO!!!
YOU PIECE OF SHIT. I don’t think you know what love is !! You don’t… You know INDIFFERENCE. And indifference baby, IS NOT LOVE!

INDIFFERENCE is the cold heart. INDIFFERENCE it what DOESN’T CARE…. INDIFFERENCE is self-absorbed, self-centred, ARROGANT, EGOTISTICAL and totally PROUD, STUCK in your own bubble.. Its all about me….. that’s indifference….. that’s a weak, feeble, puny, stunted, spineless worthless piece of shit that is! That’s pathetic love. Who want’s that kind of love? If you want to be called a man, then ACT LIKE ONE! Just let me point out one thing, in this house its not about equality, its about woman doing it all! For Love! Man wasn’t put here on this earth for woman to wait on hand and foot! That’s the epitomy of inequality! That’s the truth in this house! And it all works to your favour!

Lazy piece of shit!

Matt; Thats not fair, I work too! You’re making yourself sound like superwoman now!

Julie; I am in this house! And yeah, and thats all you do around here! If it wasn’t for me, adding the spice into this marriage we’d be living a life of the boredom! Go to work, feed the kids, book in sex twice a week on the same day? Cos we don’t like change do we Matt! We like complancency… Boredom….. Monotomy….. same old same old! Without my imagination, and fun, this marriage would of died years ago! But, it’s all fun and games, in the name of LOVE!

Matt; Julie, I said I’m sorry. What more do you want me to say! You need to get a grip woman. I always go out on wednesday, and you shoukd know by now not to call me. It was a bad day you had at work.. Stop taking it out on me!

Julie; Sorry can’t turn back time? Sorry isn’t going to ask me how my day has been? Sorry doesn’t share! Sorry…. Sorry isn’t good enough! Sorry doesn’t care! Sorry can’t restore an empty marriage!

Matt; Honey, you’re still a bit mad. Just give it time. I love you ok! I do… love you.

Julie; Don’t patronise me and you can stop smirking.

Matt; I’m not smirking! Your overreacting, gone a bit mad!

Julie; A bit mad…. How dare you stand there and tell me I’m mad…. How fucking DARE YOU stand in your god dam ivory tower, you pompous prick.  You…. useless…. ggrrrr,  shallow…. barren…. weak and pathetic example of a man…. Pfftt. You don’t love me.. Oh my god. You’re so far up your arse you can’t even see when love is right in front of you, can you… Huh, can you….. Can you open your eyes…. Or are the tarts in their suspenders and stockings on the pornography channel and utube more appealing and exciting than the woman you married. And then carried your children, then went through twenty hours of raw, agonizing, fire burning, excruciating pain. A pain that NO MAN COULD EVER KNOW… that’s why you’re a worthless piece of shit, you think you have the right to … use…. exploit…. to bend to YOUR WILL…. To mould into what you think woman should be…..You can’t accept love…. in all her glory….with all the gifts she has to show you…. with all the tenderness and vulnerability she owns…. and the children. Oh my god the childbearing years…..That’s the hardest part of being a woman…. to be the mother, the wife….the cook….  the cleaner…. the chef….the driver…. the hostess and the coach…. and the nurse… the daughter… and daughter in law….with all those responsibilities….. oh can you really imagine what its actually like to be a woman!!! To LOVE…… CAN YOU…. CAN YOU REALLY IMAGINE THAT!!!

Fuck you, and your indifferent perception of love, you piece of shit…. fuck your version of love…. its fucking empty. Its worthless and meaningless…… your version of love only exists out of your dick….. you know that piece of skin that hangs off you….. it just dangles like a worthless piece of skin…. Yeah, that’s your version of love isn’t it…. LOVE….you have NO IDEA WHAT LOVE IS….. and do you know why I know that….Because sex IS NOT LOVE…It’s lust…. it contributes to love, and it would be dead in this house if it wasn’t for me, but its not love baby…. your mistaken in thinking that way…. you’re the fucker whose deluded and insane and totally fucked in the head… you’re the weak one… the empty, sterile, fruitless example…. oh the bible claims you came first did it!!! Did IT? So if man is so god damn special, why does he need a woman to birth him, hey, answer me that….. Because if man came first, you know, in that story, or is it a fairytale, about adam and eve…. Jeez, how brainwashed are YA… If that was true, where the fuck did he come from! The sky??? The water??? The earth??? The air??? No, he CAME FROM WOMAN!!! And for years now, woman has been destroyed and killed off… abused…. abandoned…. betrayed….. raped….  violated….. It appears MAN IS JEALOUS OF WOMAN…… Man has no place to EVER dare say woman is worthless….a woman is the love…. a woman brings to man and shows man where love is…..Without WOMAN. Where will man be then hey…. I tell you where he’ll…. be! GONE…FINISHED….FINITO… with out WOMAN, Man will be NO MORE!

We’ll all be robots! living artificially… without LOVE! Can you imagine that hey…. can you imagine a world without love…. Without the wonder of the newborn baby, the freshness of such perfection of innocence and, beauty… oh my god the beauty that a new life brings…. a real new life.. where the child’s laughter cluthes your heart, those tiny little eyes, looking up, gazing to you saying… I’m lost without you, please protect me…. THAT’S love baby…. THAT’S LOVE! And when you love something precious like that, you go to the end of the earth to protect it!

But the lads come first to you!

Without woman, man is a hollow piece of wood, that just functions to go to work. Come home. Watch TV…Go to bed… Have a shag…. go to sleep…. Wake up the next day and repeat… like groundhog day….. That’s the capability of a man!!!! That’s a man’s love! Or should I say Matt’s love!

Matt; We’re not all like that!

Julie; No, just you! Fuck it, fuck this marriage and fuck you. I’m done with your crap!

Matt; This is my house too. I’m not going anywhere darling!

Julie; Fine…. I’m the queen in this house. And just let me remind you Matt, even on a chessboard, the queen is the one who ends the game on CHECK MATE!!

Julie grabbed her car keys and went to walk out…

Matt; Where you going.

Julie; CHECKMATE Matt….Checkmate!


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