Sara; Hey girls. How’s your week been?

Chrystal; Boring. I’m so fat now it hurts to bend down. I can’t wait till baby makes an entrance. Mystic meg, any chance you could look into you’re crystal ball and see when bump is coming out?

Billy; I’ve told ya, you’ll be a week late.

Sara; Only three more weeks to go chick.

Chrystal; A week over, I don’t think the maternity clothes will fit me by then, they’re so tight now? You’re quiet Julie, you ok?

Julie; Oh its been a rollercoaster week! One of the kids on the ward died. It was emotional! I called Matt all day, he turned off his phone, again, so I went to a bar. To cry and grieve!

Chrystal, Sara, Billy; Why didn’t you call me?

Julie; I don’t know…. I think it was because of the emotions on the ward that day! I felt overwhelmed…. with everything, it was….. well memorable!

Billy; Do you wnat to share, you’ll feel better offloading. We’re all here for you!

Julie; Well, first off, let me explain the MIAW cards. Its another game I made up, to express emotion… I use these cue cards with Matt, one’s for my cute kitten side, when I’m in a really delicate and tender mood, ones the MIAW, the claws, another the gggrrrr, I’m going to bite. The last one, when I’m the queen of the jungle and the lets out the roar, predator mode!

Billy; Oh I’d love to see them

Sara; Me too, can I use them as well. I like the sound of this game!

Julie; Well, the MIAW game set goes like this;

  • Purr – Rub me the right way, my wish is your command

  • Miaw – Watch out, the claws might scratch!

  • Grrrr – Don’t answer back, I’m ready to bite

  • RROOOAAARRRR – Get out of the fucking way!

Chrystal; Love it. I’m going to use them, they kind of flow with the phases of the moon, don’t they Billy.

Billy; Yh, I suppose they help men follow the natrual cycle, the Rroooaaarrr is a good one for PMT!

Sara; I like them, its the abbreviations, really good method of describing PMT that’ll work in my madhouse!

Billy; Oh yeah, you’re surrounded by three testosterone fuelled men. Perfect in your crib darlin!

Julie; I use them for abbreviations too. To get my mood across, quick sharp! Matt’s had the Ggrrrr today already!

Sara; Do you reckon they’ll come in handy for labour?

Billy; Yep, the MIAW definately!

Sara; Get filing them nails girl. You need to make sure Jordan gets a healthy expression of what you’re gonna be going through! Trust me, It’s gonna hurt you more than him?

Chrystal; Haha, I bite my nails, so I doubt they’ll have much growth by them! How was your week Julie, you’re not yourself. C’mon, what’s up!

Julie; Well, Matt went out with the lads for Ralph’s birthday, he didn’t come home till late and I was still feeling quite overwhelmed from the day. Well, I was pissed off really, especially since he turned his phone off. I was so upset and disappointed, that I once I discovered the real reason, inside I was burning up like a fire and I still haven’t released it all. Hopefully a few glasses of vino will bring it out!

Billy; This sounds serious Julie, we’re all here for you.

Julie; she was such a sweet little girl. Totally consumed my heart, always smiling through her pain.  We were pumping her heart, me and the nurse, and we couldn’t save her. It was so heartbreaking…. her mother ran over when the doctor called the time of death and we stopped resuscitation!the mum scooped her off the bed, rocking with her angel, cradled in her arms, sobbing! It really got to me!

Chrystal; Ah, thats so sad!

Sara; The children that die under your care are always the hardest to cope with aren’t they!

Julie; Yeah, and I usually don’t let it get to me….And Matt, well he just didn’t get the picture! So self absorbed in his own merriment, that it really cut me. I met this guy in a bar, and he had the warmest blue eyes, I thought it was the alcohol that was making me lose my senses, it was a wierd night. After a wierd day. He was one of those people, A bit like someone who crosses your path for a reason! Anyway, he really helped me with grieving for this special little angel, I really appreciated the stranger for that. Matt on the other hand, was in a strip club, and, turned off his phone!

Billy; Oh dear, turning off the phone…. That’s always suspiscious behaviour… What if you were dead, or had some other unfortunate incident!

Chrystal; Exactly. What if it was one of the kids!

Julie; I know… Well, This morning, he got the silent treatment and he kept saying, ‘oh come on Jules, I got a bit carried away with the lads. You know what they’re like’ You know, all that bull that they come out with!! Ugh, well anyway, at home this morning, he used the ‘song game!’ The lazy shit soon scurried out the house with his tail between his legs. Along with a text saying Gggrrrr!

Billy; Good for you.

Chrystal; What’s the song game?

Julie; It’s where we play different songs to express something or as it turned out this morning, to make a point! It gets quite funny at times, you know, when you make it a battle of the sexes, but this morning, I wasn’t in a good mood after the little girl died yesterday. So, he’s trying to get me to break the silence of being so pissed off, so he plays on the stereo ‘stand by your man, give him two arms to come….. etc, I eyeballed him with the look of death and gave him a Grrr, then I walk over to the stereo, flicked through the library for my comeback! I find My Tammy, and I play the first 8 seconds before blasting the stereo up really loud as she says… I BEG YOUR PARDON!! I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine, there’s got to be a little rain sometimes…….. Matt’s face turns from smug laughter to scowling. I was bloody fuming the cheeky git! Not funny and way off point, And, I’m still really mad!

He got home from work, still no talking, then he starts creeping up to me! I tell you girls, I’m still right pissed offff. I can’t shake it at all. I feel bloody angry…. still!! Being unavailable, when you really need your husband is becoming a common theme for me these days! It’s not what I regard as love?

Sara; That’s because it isn’t. Some men think indifference is love!

Julie; OMG, Sara, that’s exactly it. Indifference!

Billy; Hold onto that anger babe, It’ll serve you well….. I can see a storm coming? And the Rrrooooaaaarrrr! Go get em tiger!

Julie; You’re spot on mystic meg, I’m bubbling up…. still!

Sara; I know what song you’re gonna play!

Julie; It’ll be Tammy again, only this one will be D.I.V.O.R.C.E!

Chrystal; OMG, maybe labour day might come a bit sooner!

Julie; I can hear a car pull up…. Right, IT’S MATT…. wish me luck girls! I’m gonna let the bastard have it, both bloody barrels. Rrooooaaarrrrrr.

Billy; Come to mine if you need to escape. I’ll play him at his own game, deny I’ve spoken to you, or seen you at all!

Sara; I second that…

Chrystal; Good luck,

Sara; Call me….. whatever time… I’m here for you!

Julie; Thanks girls….. speak soon xxxx


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