Julie; I went into Woolworths with my two daughters, the youngest was on my hip six months old and the other daughter was two. This particular shop had the sweet counter on display as you walked through the doors! A clever sales tactic to the shop and a dreadful one for every parent! Because tantrums tend to follow the word No, and every parents who has small children dreads this type of shopping visit? I know I did!

I let my two year old pick her selection of sweets, as I found what I wanted and we went to pay at the checkout. There was a small queue, my girls were really well behaved and adoring, women in the line were cooing over the babe on the hip in the line.
It was my turn to pay and leave, so the cashier added my items and then i turned to look down at the little two foot person beneath me, ‘give the lady your bag,’ I asked my Lilli, who looked at me like I’d just waved a red flag infront of a bull. The look of scorn was scary, so I asked my two year old again, i softened my tone and asked her to give the lady her bag of sweets!

This cute little two year old girl folded her arms scornfully and firmly replied ‘NO!’
I felt like a goldfish in a bowl when I looked down the line of people in the queue, the row of impatience emitting in their faces. I knew at this point the audience were watching everything I was doing, and, judging me accordingly! I was about to be challenged by a two year old and a spectacular toddler meltdown.

I had to think quickly, so I sat baby on the counter and asked the cashier to hold her for me, while I wrestled the bag of sweets from my daughters tight fist!
I started really gently, trying to wriggle the bag from both her hands which were clamped tightly around her prized treasure. ‘I just got to give the lady the bag,’ I said, passing the bag to the cashier to weigh.

I looked down at my Lilli, well, she looked like she was about to explode! ‘Its ok, you can have them back in a minute,’ I said, trying really hard to keep the situation under control. Both the cashier and myself were talking to her explaining what was happening. ‘The lady wants to weigh them.’

In that instance my darling little cherub went from sweet and innocent to the worst horror on the planet. Steam was coming out of her nose as she looked up at me with those eyeballs looking north. I handed her back the bag of sweets, ‘see she gave them you back, the lady needed to weigh them that’s all.’ I reasoned with her, but it didn’t shake off her unhappy frown. Instead, she screeched at the top of her lungs ‘I DIDN’T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM!’

Honestly, the glass in the windows ricocheted to this booming screech of a voice…..my daughter was THAT LOUD! The whole shop heard us! I died right there on the spot! Mortified…. Horrified…….Embarrassed didn’t quite cut it….. My face turned a delightful crimson shade and for once, I was speechless.
I cuddled up to my Annabell, burying my head into her neck. I honestly didn’t know what to do?

Sara; I bet you would of rather of been caught in the act of passion!

Julie; Yeah, I would. Even if it was a copper. Oh that reminds me of another time my passion got the better of us both! Anyway, that’s another story. The cashiers lovely mumsy voice spoke up ‘I know sweetheart, Nor do we sweetheart, but we have to!’
The relief I felt at her words, I just looked at her with defeated eyes, then she smiled at me, a knowing parent smile. It helped drain the bright red colour out of my face!
I took my change and went to leave the shop, I reached down to take hold of my daughters hand and she refused, keeping her arms tightly crossed, guarding her sweets!

Chrystal; Aw, I love it when the kids say something so honest. It reminds me of a girl in the class who once stood up to ask one of those awkward questions that you just don’t have the answer to.

Julie; Well, we got to the car and she turned her nose up into the air. I looked at her through the wing mirror and I was speechless. I turned round to see my sweet little Lille, staring tight lipped out the window, I finally muttered, ‘where did that voice come from? You never wailed that loud for a bloddy night feed. In fact, I had to set the alarm clock to wake you! She gave me one of those little girl snarls, tight tense lips and slanted eye, look. She goes, ‘I DIDN’T WANT TO PAY FOR THEM.. WHY DID YOU PAY FOR THEM!’ She shouts and scowls at me.

All I could say was sorry, but I had to or else the policeman would have arrested me if I didn’t. She didn’t understand and I re-adjusted my glasses, turning on the ignition I thought – Oh my god, I’ve cloned myself!!

Sara; Yep…. I wish I had a daughter!

Julie; Oh you’ve got the same thing going on your you’re terrible twins. Duality in development! You can either sit under a tree with Mark or get your devilish side out with Luke!

Chrystal; Well one of the kids was talking about their weekend about their events in morning time. And well, this one young girl stood up and asked him a question. She goes ‘If god’s house is a church, and people go to church to pray. Why doesn’t god open his doors for all people? Or is it just people who will give the church money! I asked her what she meant. She asks so innocently, well if we are all gods people, then why is the church closed when there is so many people without a home? Why does god only welcome people who give his house money but doesn’t welcome people who don’t have money or a home, or somewhere to stay at night? I was dumbstruck at her intelligence and totally powerless how to answer her! I just said that maybe that church who does ask for money isn’t a real church or a real house of god! She accepted my answer, but you could just see her little face in concentration, thinking about my answer!

Sara; she’s got a point though hasn’t she! If the church is a house of god, why is there such a think as homelessness!

Chrystal; I was on break duty. And I was out of sight, but I could hear the two of them talking. One little boy called Johnny, said to Jenny, ‘can I play with you!’ And she says, ‘yes ok. What about Harry, is he coming to play too?’ Then little Johnny said, ‘No. he’s poorly, he’s got circumfrishion!’ Little Jenny queries ‘What’s circumfrishion?’ Then Johnny says, ‘Oh it’s just a poorly tummy.’ Jenny then asks, ‘well what she we play!’ Johnny replies, ‘what about cops and robbers? Jenny scowls at him and says, ‘no, I don’t want to play that. ‘Shall we play mums and dads?’

Sara; Oh dear lord no. Not at five years old, please tell me they didn’t?

Billy and Julie giggle!

Chrystal; No, not quite, but….  Johnny scrunches his nose and  slurs ‘No!’  He looks like he’s going to sulk and Jenny doesn’t buy it. She then says, ‘Why don’t we play doctors and nurses. Then we can all play together.. You can be doctor, I can be the nurse and we can make Harry better!’ Well, as soon as Jenny said she wanted to include all three, Johnny took a strop and said, ‘No I don’t want to play with Harry, I want to play with just you!’ Jenny had other idea’s. She gets up and starts to walk off, turning on her heel she bellows at the top of her voice, ‘Well I’m going in to play nurses and patient with Harry cos he’s poorly and I can make him better for real…… I might kiss it better!’ …. I sputtered on my coffee and watched little Jenny march into the home corner to find Harry!!

Julie; I love it, the innocence of children… I play that game all the time too with Matt. He loves my tunic!

Sara; I’m a cops and robber fan myself!

Julie; Which one do you play?

Sara; The robber. Michael is really theatrical when in role play. He’s a great cop, he gets really serious too. I love the uniform and the tools of the trade! Get’s me worked up and frisky!

Julie; Fireman does it for me every time! Matt really suits those yellow PVC trousers! It’s ironic that when you lay the old man’s crown jewels along your palm, it works in exactly the same way as the water that explodes though the pipe of the fire hose!!

Chrystal; School girl and teacher is my thing! I get to change roles from my job.

Billy; Sweaty overalls do it for me! It’s the smell of oil, the pheromones hit the nose and bang, it all goes into action! Says a man’s had a hard day and i get to spoil him!

Julie; I play em all, I love any role play. Must admit, my favourite games are the ones with boots!






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